New partnership: Launch of FIELD MANAGER together with Zen-noh in Japan

Thanks to our new collaboration xarvio will support farmers to make better informed field management decisions in rice and soybeans. Learn more about how xarvio’s AI-based digital platform brings value to Japanese farmers.

xarvio Field Manager new features 2020

xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER features continue to grow in 2020. Supporting more than 17,000 farmers on more than two million hectares globally, the new crop optimization features aim to bring higher returns on investments in the field based on the successes of last year.


FIELD OF VISION - The future of agriculture is digital. And it has started a while ago.

There are two rather different perceptions of agriculture: the romantic image seen in advertising and experienced at farm holidays and also there is the image filled with criticism known from the environmental and climatic debates.

Biomass Maps: optimizing application planning

Find out how xarvio FIELD MANAGER integrates Biomass Maps in order to optimize overall field management. From knowing the exact influence of an application within an ongoing season and at the specific moment of treatment, this combination delivers a key advantage to Application Maps. 

xarvio kicks off the new year at LAMMA

As a first-time exhibitor at LAMMA, xarvio had the chance to showcase its’ digital products to approximately 40,000 visitors to UK’s leading farm machinery, equipment and services show.

Bosch and BASF expand their cooperation for digital agriculture

Our partnership is growing! BASF is pleased to announce the expansion of the Smart Spraying Collaboration with Bosch and xarvio Digital Farming Solutions. With the smart spraying solution, Bosch and xarvio provide a system that can differentiate weeds from crops and applies herbicides very precisely.

BASF’s xarvio announces new digital farming collaboration with WinField United

The two companies will establish a single sign-on connection from WinField United’s ATLAS® platform to the BASF xarvio™ digital platforms, starting with xarvio SCOUTING, a mobile application that can quickly identify weeds and diseases with a click of a smartphone. Over time, growers and retailers will also have the ability to synchronize data between the xarvio and WinField United platforms, saving time with data entry while combining agronomic insights into one place. 

xarvio was invited to participate at Belt and Road Conference 2019

We are very proud that xarvio was invited to participate at Belt and Road Conference 2019, an important event to strengthen German-Chinese business relationships, with an insightful company introduction by our Managing Director and Global Head of Commercial Operations Andree Georg Girg. We would like to thank everyone for attending our presentation, including former Minister of Finance, Jens Bullerjahn and Ambassador of China in Germany Wu Ken and President of China Council for International Investment Promotion YAO Wenping.

Scouting app for farmers in India

xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions by BASF today officially launched its Scouting smartphone app for farmers in India. Using instant photo recognition, algorithm and data sharing technology, the xarvio Scouting app enables growers and agronomists to identify weed and disease threats in their fields.

xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER: Brazil results

Mapping Brazil: Brazilian farmers see increased savings and weed control quality thanks to FIELD MANAGER

BASF hosts first xarvio™ Digital Summit and presents xarvio solutions at AAPRESID

On August 6th, BASF invited agricultural advisors and large-scale farmers from all over the country to participate in the first-ever xarvio™ Digital Summit in Argentina.

xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions wins innovation award at the Ag in Motion Farm Expo 

Western Canada’s Ag in Motion Farm Expo gives top honor to xarvio™ Scouting app in the Plant and Soil Science category

xarvio Digital Farming Solutions presents its innovative products to Latin America at Agrishow 2019

With the largest agricultural technology fair in Brazil, and one of the biggest globally with around 159,000 guests each year, the 26th annual Agrishow was the perfect spot for xarvio to present its innovative products to farmers, important stakeholders, journalists and the public at large.

xarvio brings its agricultural solutions to Les Culturales 2019

Les Culturales  is one of the biggest agriculture and agri-tech events in France. The 2019 edition  took place in Jaunay-Marigny, France from June 5 and 6.

The new technology further enhances the simplicity of BASF's xarvio™ Field Manager. Farmers can now select their fields in the xarvio Field Manager mobile app by just tipping on their fields. 

Big visit to xarvio™: The German Agricultural Society (DLG) was a guest at xarvio’s headquarters in Langenfeld on March 13th and 14th to gain valuable insights into the latest developments in digital farming.

O que os produtores estão dizendo sobre o FIELD MANAGER?

Em 2018, produtores da região de Rio Verde - GO testaram a solução BASF de manejo digital de plantas daninhas em seus cultivos de soja. Veja o que eles tem a dizer sobre nossa solução e os resultados obtidos durante a safra 18/19.

Michel Berté, Paraúna – GO

"Nos anos anteriores, eram necesários 3 aplicações em área total para o controle de plantas daninhas, hoje, com a solução do xarvio, fazemos uma em área total e outro aplicação de precisão apenas na plantas daninhas, gerando economia de  herbicida. A ferramenta nos permitiu controlar de forma localizada plantas daninhas resistentes (capim-amargoso) após a dessecação em área total com glifosato.” 

Fábio Pazzinato, Jataí – GO

“O controle de capim amargoso com o uso da solução foi em torno de 96%. A ferramenta ajudou a reduzir meus custos com produtos químicos, tornando minha fazenda mais rentável.” 

Silvio Wegner, Rio Verde – GO

"A precisão da solução foi muito boa e o tempo de entrega do mapa de aplicaçào foi muito rápido, alinhando com o planejamento das minhas operações de campo.”

Lúcio Carvalho, Rio Verde – GO

“A ferramenta trouxe alta economia de herbicidas na minha fazenda, em torno de 60%. Nossa intenção é ampliar o uso no próximo ano.” 

Grupo Santa Fé, Santa Helena – GO

“O problema de plantas daninhas é evidente e vem crescendo ano a ano. A ferramenta do xarvio nos ajuda a controlar essas ervas resistentes e a economizar nos custos de aplicação.”

Histórias de sucesso: Como a aplicação de herbididas por zonas de manejo ajudou os produtores no controle de plantas dadinhas resistentes?

Controle localizado de capim-amargoso após dessecação

(Rio Verde – GO)

Após a dessecação com glifosato em área total, as plantas daninhas resistentes começam a ganhar espaço. Com o serviço xarvio, o produtor foi capaz de mapear e fazer uma aplicação localizada para o controle de capim-amargoso com produto específico de alto valor agregado.

Controle localizado de Milho RR

(Santa Helena – GO)

Antes do plantio da soja é realizada dessecação em área total com glifosato. O milho RR resistente da safra passada se torna um problema muito comum para os agricultores. Com xarvio Field Manager, o problema foi solucionado por meio do mapeamento dessas plantas espalhadas pelo talhão.

Controle localizado de amargoso antes da dessecação.

(Rio Verde – GO)

Após as primeiras chuvas, o fluxo de capim-amargoso aumenta na área. Para garantir o plantio no limpo, o produtor utilizou a plataforma do xarvio Field Manager para fazer o mapeamento de capim-amargoso antes do plantio e fez a aplicação localizada antes da dessecação, para garantir controle das plantas daninhas resistentes e o plantio no limpo.