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Since the introduction of our SCOUTING and FIELD MANAGER we have seen a positive review from users all over the globe!

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xarvio™ – Digital Farming Solutions

Plan Smarter. Grow Better.

Feel more confident, reduce your risks and get more security in your plannings and decisions. xarvioTM – Digital Farming Solutions opens you the opportunity to optimize the potential of your individual fields and field zones. Easy and simple. You increase efficiency, save time, optimize crop protection and at the same time support sustainability of farming.


Simply Smarter Crop Protection

Farming is getting more and more complex. Now, FIELD MANAGER makes it easy to stay in control, protect your crops and get the most out of your fields. Have the status of your fields always at hand, receive field specific crop protection timing and download field-zone specific variable application maps. To provide those great features, we use imaging technology, e.g. satellites, combine it with agricultural data, your knowledge and our expertise.

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The Assistant in Your Pocket

More knowledge, better decision. Our new xarvio™ SCOUTING makes it easy to detect in-field stress just by taking a photo. SCOUTING determines weeds, classifies and counts insects in the yellow trap, recognizes diseases, analyses leaf-damage and shows the nitrogen status. Simply download for free on App Store or Google Play. Learn More