xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER - Brazil
Mapping Brazil: Brazilian farmers see increased savings and weed control quality thanks to FIELD MANAGER

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The fastest and most simple connection between xarvio™ FIELD MANGER and your sprayer: NEVONEX

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Digital Summit at AAPRESID
On August 6th, BASF invited agricultural advisors and large-scale farmers from all over the country to participate in the first-ever xarvio™ Digital Summit in Argentina.

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BASF hosts first xarvio™ Digital Summit and presents xarvio solutions at AAPRESID

xarvio wins innovation award
Western Canada’s Ag in Motion Farm Expo gives top honor to xarvio™ Scouting app in the Plant and Soil Science category

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1,000,000 acres in Canada
We are very happy to celebrate our xarvio FIELD MANAGER users. 1,000,000 acres in Canada since 2017 - ready for digital crop production optimization!

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xarvio™ – Digital Farming Solutions

Plan Smarter. Grow Better.

Feel more confident, reduce your risks and have more security in your planning and decisions. xarvio™ – Digital Farming Solutions gives you the opportunity to optimize the potential of your individual fields and field zones. Easy and simple. You increase efficiency, save time, optimize crop protection and at the same time support the sustainability of farming.


Simply Smarter Crop Production

Realize the full
potential of your yield


Field Monitor
Receive field zone specific information…increase transparency & take better informed decision for your fields, all year long.

Spray Timer
Protect your crops and identify potential risks early on. Anytime and anywhere.

Zone Spray
Field zone specific variable application maps as web application…right dose at the right place





The Assistant in Your Pocket

Detect in-field stress
just by taking a photo.


Weed Scouting
Identify difficult to distinguish weeds, esp. in early growth stages

Disease Recognition
Recognize diseases occurred in your crop and receive alarms when they are spreading nearby

Leaf Damage
Automatically calculate the damaged leaf area by mechanistic / disease /insect damages



xarvio™ SCOUTING


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