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Digital Farming

  • What is ‘Digital Farming’?

    The face of agriculture has changed: tractors and combines are highly automated and crammed with a vast array of sensors. Already, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and even orbital satellites are becoming indispensable. The delivery of highly detailed field observations straight to a farmer’s tablet computer will soon become a standard in agriculture.

    For BASF it is very important to be very concrete and precise, as many terms are used to describe these scenarios and technologies, but also rather different ones (Precision Ag, Smart Ag, Ag 4.0 etc.). ‘Digital Farming’ is the specific term BASF will use to talk about digitization in agriculture.

  • Why is BASF developing Digital Farming Solutions?

    BASF strives to utilize technology for precise agriculture. Today’s farming is more complex than ever before. The unpredictable nature of weather, pests, and weeds directly affect grower’s ability to produce consistent yields. These challenges demand innovative solutions for to support growers in their goal of nurturing a hungry planet.


  • What is Zone Spray?

    Not all acres are equal. Zone Spray is a feature in Field Manager that allows you to create field zone-specific application maps that are ready for use in your sprayer terminal. Our system analyzes satellite data, risk models and data related to the field entered by the user plus our agronomic expertise to create accurate zone prescriptions. Zone Spray is designed to enable anybody to make an informed decision on which parts of your field are best worth protecting and follow that decision through with a simple and easy to use Zone Spray prescription.

  • What hardware and software do I need for Field Manager?

    To access Field Manager, you require a desktop or laptop computer with an internet browser and an internet connection. Depending on your sprayer controller, you will need a USB stick, Compact Flash (CF) card or wireless data link to your sprayer to transfer the prescription. (See your equipment dealer if you’re not sure what sprayer hardware you need.)

    The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768. A mouse is recommended for precise drawing of field boundaries.

  • Does the Field Manager application work on my smartphone?

    Field Manager is designed to run on a PC browser (with minimum width of 1024 pixels resolution). It is not optimized for the smaller screen of your tablet or smartphone. There is a mobile app for notifications of new imagery.

  • How do I know if my Sprayer can accept and run Zone Spray maps?

    High clearance sprayers with 1) Boom Section or Nozzle Shutoff Control and 2) Mapping Monitor capable of loading and executing a prescription are required.

    Some examples of these are:

    • John Deere 2630, 2600, 4600
    • CaseIH Pro700, Pro600
    • New Holland Intelliview III, IV
    • Raven Viper, Viper Pro, Viper 4, 4+, Envisio Pro
    • Trimble FMX, TMX-2050, CFX-750
    • Ag Leader Integra, InCommand
    • Topcon X30, X20, X25
    • Others (please check with your dealer)

    You may refer to our Terminal check page (link is located under the Help section) for more information.

  • I'm not a "computer guy", can I do this?

    Field Manager Zone Spray was designed to be easy to use. We have a series of help videos that take you through every step of the process. If you’re not comfortable with computers, many retailers or your agronomist can help you out.
  • How do I transfer my field boundaries to Field Manager?

    In Field Manager you can either upload shapefile boundaries from your controller or other GIS software or draw your field boundaries manually with a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Can I assign my farm to someone else to access, such as my agronomist, retail, or other farm member?

    Yes. You can allow others to work with your farm as long as they have a Field Manager account with us. Once they have an account, you can assign your farm to them directly by using the “Invite collaborators” function under Settings / Farm settings in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • How will you protect my data?

    Protecting your privacy and the security of your data are high priorities for us. That’s why we only collaborate with ISO-certified suppliers. Our cloud service provider, for example, is certified according to ISO 9001, 27001, 27017 and 27018 to ensure outstanding data security.
  • Is there a charge to use Zone Spray?

    For the 2018 season, Zone Spray is priced at CAD $1.50/acre based on the calculated field boundary acres of each prescription downloaded. Every farm will receive 200 acres at no charge to allow you to evaluate Zone Spray.

    In a future update the Field Manager software will prompt you to enter your credit card information in order to download the Zone Spray prescription. To qualify for the no-charge acres, you will still need to provide us with your credit card information before downloading the Zone Spray prescription. We will then calculate and take into account your no-charge acres when we process the invoice after the spray season.