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Detect in-field stress just by taking a photo. xarvio™ SCOUTING determines weeds, classifies and counts insects in the yellow trap, recognizes diseases, analyses leaf damage and shows the nitrogen status. Simply download for free on App Store or Google Play.

Advanced field monitoring with the RADAR functionality

Get an overview on what is happening in your surrounding areas with the radar. Radar displays aggregated information about diseases, pests, weeds, leaf damages and nitrogen pictures taken by users on a map.

Notifications based on the SCOUTING COMMUNITY to improve your risk management

Receive immediate alerts when diseases or pests are spreading in your area. You have the support of the SCOUTING community and xarvio™ expertise – so you can react better and faster on spreading risks.

All-in-one tool for your SCOUTING TRIPS

 One single app to diagnose stress in your field by simply taking a picture. You won’t have to switch to other apps to support your SCOUTING efforts in the field.

Weed Identification

Simple and automated identification of weeds in seconds.

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Yellow trap analysis

Evaluation of Yellow traps – classification and counting of insect varieties.

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Disease Identification

Automated diagnosis of plant disease.


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Nitrogen status

Estimation of nitrogen uptake by crops.

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Leaf damage analysis

Assists with quantitative determination of leaf damage.

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