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Farming is getting more and more complex. Now, FIELD MANAGER makes it easy to stay in control, protect your crops and get the most out of your fields. Have the status of your fields always at hand, receive field specific crop protection timing and download field-zone specific variable application maps. To provide those great features, we use imaging technology, e.g. satellites, combine it with agricultural data, your knowledge and our expertise.

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Check the status of your field at any time

Know what happens where, to more efficiently plan your day to day activities. Understand the growth stage status and the current problems in your fields at any time and anywhere, also on your mobile. Add observations, crop protection applications and see remaining protection time.

Spray Timer

Don’t miss the right time for crop protection

Spray Timer is based on proven disease and insect models from experts and comes with a range of new features such as growth stage models and improved usability. It gives you notifications on your mobile, when the right time to protect your fields is approaching.

Zone Spray

Use the right dosage

Download field-zone specific application maps including dose recommendations that help you to use the right amount of crop protection – and only where it is needed.

Realize the full potential of your yield

FIELD MANAGER helps you to increase your performance and get more out of your fields. With field-zone specific application maps you make the most out of every drop of crop protection.

Your fields in your hands

Check the status of your fields anywhere and at any time – on your mobile or from home. It’s all in your hands, e.g. crop health, hourly spray weather, and remaining protection time. Make more informed decisions and act in advance instead of reacting to potential threats.

Benefit from local updates on threats

FIELD MANAGER notifies you on your mobile when risks are rising on your fields and gives you access to day-to-day information about disease and pest pressure.


See for which countries and crops FIELD MANAGER is intended to be available in 2018

We are continuously working on our solutions to offer FIELD MANAGER for more crops and in more countries soon.

FIELD MANAGER 2017/2018 Version

Digital Farming made simple

FIELD MANAGER makes it easy for you to profit from the benefits of digital farming. It is a smart, convenient and thoughtfully designed tool with lots of expertise that is built to make your life easier.

Optimize your crop protection

Increase the efficiency of your work and crop protection. Optimize the health of your crop by spraying at the right time, with the right dosage and only where needed.

Protect the environment

FIELD MANAGER makes agriculture more sustainable. You can protect your crop more efficiently and targeted while taking care of nature and the environment.

FIELD MANAGER is tried and tested. See what farmers say.

In 2017, more than 500 farmers around the world started to work with FIELD MANAGER. With convincing results.

I save on crop protection products and at the same time work more environmentally friendly.

The automatic Zone Spray terminal map was in line with my in field experience.

Spray Timer

Which data we use and how we analyse it. And how we determine the right application timing (as exemplified by wheat).

2018-06_Backgrounder_Timing (PDF, 170,6KB) Download

Zone Spray

How can we know where your fields need how much crop protection. And how will your sprayer know what to do (as exemplified by wheat).

2018-06_Backgrounder_Mapping (PDF, 105,7KB) Download

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