Insights on smart farming

Take a closer look: backgrounds, news, discoveries

Meet farmers that tested our solutions on their fields and learn more about their experiences. Get backgrounds on technical features, find detailed information on benefits, see how we make things work, or have a look into the future of agriculture. Videos, articles, and news provide you with vital insights. It’s always worth to look in.

Insights from our Beta Testers

Farmers around the world participated in our beta test and challenged our solution under real conditions. See why they took part, what they expected, and find out more about their experiences.

“Saving me time and money.”

Josef Bremer, farmer in Grevenbroich, Germany, talks about efficiency, free time, and higher yields.

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Insights on technology, AI, and future developments

Gain more information on features and benefits of our solutions, get technical background insights on digitization and AI, and take a look into the future of agriculture.

Have a smart start

Our Terminal Test Center enables our customer service to help you instantly with all questions regarding your terminal – independent of your terminal’s manufacturer.

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