Why I became a Beta Tester

“Saving me time and money.”

“Part of my land are 20 km away and it takes hours to check every field,” says Josef Bremer from Grevenbroich, Germany. He grows a wide array of plants on his fields – barley, wheat, triticale, oilseed rape, sugar beets, potatoes. Thanks to digitalization, he can go out over the field less.

“With FIELD MANAGER I can choose crop protection products from my home, manage my crops more efficiently and achieve higher yields. If everything works well, I will save time and have an economic advantage.” he explains the key benefits.

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“Use crop protection in a responsible way.”

Bernd Olligs, participant of our Digital Farming test group, on new technologies, environment and responsibility.


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Terminal Test Center.
Smart start into Digital Farming 

Our Terminal Test Center enables our Customer Service to help you instantly with all questions regarding your terminal – independent of your terminal’s manufacturer.

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