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More knowledge, better decision. Our new SCOUTING app makes it easy to detect and identify in-field stress. WEEDSCOUT is already available – disease, insect, nitrogen, and leaf-damage detection are also in the pipeline and will be launched soon.

November 2017

Official release of SCOUTING

SCOUTING is out now!!! Go to your Google Play or AppStore and search for "Scouting"

Advanced field monitoring

Get a detailed overview and detect risks early on. Know what is going on in your surroundings – recognize diseases, weeds and pests and get information on nitrogen usage in just seconds.

SCOUTING community to improve risk management decisions

Get insights about insects, diseases and weeds. You have the support of the SCOUTING community and xarvio™ expertise – so you can react better and faster on spreading risks.

Diagnose diseases automatically

Know instantly about stress in your field by simply taking a picture. SCOUTING is the convenient way to detect stress in your field and get a result right away.

Weed scouting

Simple and automatic identification of weeds in seconds.

Insect monitoring

Easy analysis of your yellow traps with regards to present species and population density.

Disease recognition

Automatic diagnosis of your plants’ diseases.

Nitrogen recommendation

Estimate the nitrogen uptake in your crop.

Leaf damage detection

Helps you to quantify leaf damage.

Try our WEEDSCOUT app. Now.

Our WEEDSCOUT app automatically identifies weeds in your field… just take a picture. It’s part of our SCOUTING app and already available on App store or Google Play.

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