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Digital Farming

  • What is ‘Digital Farming’?

    The face of agriculture has changed: tractors and combines are highly automated and crammed with a vast array of sensors. And already, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and even orbital satellites are becoming indispensable. The delivery of highly detailed field observations straight to a farmer’s tablet computer will soon become a standard in agriculture.
    For xarvio™ it is very important to be very concrete and precise, as many terms are used to describe these scenarios and technologies, but also rather different ones (Precision Ag, Smart Ag, Ag 4.0 etc.). ‘Digital Farming’ is the specific term xarvio™ will use to talk about digitization in agriculture.

  • What does sustainability mean to xarvio™?

    xarvio™ believes that, as technology advances, we must take full advantage of the benefits Digital Farming offers, especially in areas such as planting, fertilizing, water conservation and crop protection applications, in order to become more efficient and effective and thereby reduce the inputs required.
    Specific field scripts will enable farmers to make informed planting, spraying and treatment decisions based on analytical algorithm recommendations. For example: field-specific herbicide recommendations that support proper stewardship and rotation of modes of action.
    Through collection of vast amounts of data, thorough analysis and more calculated risk-taking, Digital Farming supports the farmer in using agricultural inputs only when needed and as efficiently as possible.

  • Looking to the future, how will Digital Farming change the farming landscape around the world? Will it mean a redistribution of farming wealth, with some developing countries catching up with the developed world in terms of productivity? What will it mean for the role of farmers?

    Digitalization will enable optimal agronomic decisions for each zone of a field. We will be able to unite yield and efficiency as never before.

  • Does xarvio™’s strategy include collaboration with partners?

    Yes. Collaborating with channel partners as trusted advisors to maximize the strengths and expertise of xarvio™ and distributors and retailers is key to enabling farmers to move from precision to decision.


  • How to upload the application map? Which device will I need?

    After downloading your application map in FM and transferring it to an USB-Stick you can directly plug the USB into your terminal.

  • What do you mean with Zone Spray?

    Zone Spray supplies you with field-zone-specific maps for your applications that are ready for use on your terminal. In order to deliver these field-zone-specific maps, our system calculates the current vegetation index for each zone by frequently analyzing satellite images.

  • What do you mean with Spray Timer?

    Spray Timer notifies you automatically when the calculated time for Crop Protection applications is approaching, and it enables you to observe the risk status of each field. For you this means less planning effort, reduced risk of missing applications, and better prevention of diseases - in other words, less stress and healthier crops. The basis for all this is provided by our tried-and-tested risk models - with many years of market experience - and the automatic creation of field-specific maps that are ready for use on your terminal.

  • Which data is used for the disease alerts?

    The calculation of disease alerts is based on weather and field data like current growth stage.

  • Which diseases are considered in spraying recommendation?

    We consider all main diseases in the crops we are offering in the countries. 

  • Which parameters are considered in risk estimation?

    Infection conditions based on weather data are the most important factor for risk estimation. But the system is also considering BBCH, applied fungicides, variety, tillage, previous crop and seeding dates.

  • Which factors have impact on dose recommendation?

    The recommended dose rate is depending especially on the current weather situation for infections. In situations with high disease pressure due to optimal infection conditions normally the recommended dose rate is higher than in cases with less infections. The older the infections in leaves (not visible) the higher the required curative effect of the fungicide. Also the infestation and the growth stage of the field have impact on dosing regarding the preventive effect of the fungicide. Recommendations of dose rates for VRA products is provided from our timing service and can be different per field. Additional parameters apart from infection risks and BBCH stages, which are included in the recommendation are farmer input of disease status (Field observations) & management information that was entered when setting up the season (variety, seeding date, previous crop, tillage system and yield expectation). The management information can be updated in-season, with field edit

  • Which data is used to generate the application map?

    We analyze satellite data, risk models and data related to the field entered by the user plus our agronomic expertise.

Data Security

  • Where is my data stored? Who protects my data?

    Your data is stored in an amazon cloud, the best certified provider in the market.

  • How is my data protected? 

    Modern high-performance servers and certified service providers guarantee a high level of data security.

  • How long is my data stored?

    This depends on the contract. Please check the Terms and Conditions.

  • For what purpose do you need my data?

    To create field specific maps and timing recommendations we need your local input.

Technical Equipment

  • What hardware and software do I need?

    Any internet access enabled hardware that can run one of these standard web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome (latest 2 versions) can get used.

  • What operating system do I need to run FIELD MANAGER?

    You can use any operating system that supports either Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

  • What technical agricultural equipment do I need?

    You need a terminal, nozzle and sprayer that can read and work with Variable Rate Application Maps.

  • What hardware does FIELD MANAGER need to run on?

    FIELD MANAGER is optimized for desktop computers, notebooks, and tablets.

  • What terminals do I need to work with FIELD MANAGER?

    We are supporting the most common terminals in the market. For more information please click on your specific country website.

  • How can I ensure if my tech equipment can handle the maps?

    Please check if your technical equipment can read Variable Rate Application Maps. If you are not sure, please contact your provider. Please also ensure that you acquired the latest version and thecorresponding licenses to use the option to use the VRA maps.


  • Can I have a mobile solution?

    Yes, besides our SCOUTING App we also offer a FIELD MANAGER Mobile App.

  • What features are included in the Mobile App?

    Included in our mobile app are: Notifications, Notification Settings, Status information as well as Tank mix recipe, download maps in shp. & isomxl and Task Management

  • How to transfer my field data/boundaries to FIELD MANAGER?

    In FIELD MANAGER you have the possibility to either upload shapefile data or to draw your field boundaries manually.

  • Can my agronomical partner do tasks on my behalf?

    In FIELD MANAGER you have the option to share your farm/account with your agronomic partner, farming partner and crop advisor.