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Insights - GameChanger


Farmers from Europe, North and South America are already taking advantage of digital farming solutions from xarvio™. Users mainly come from big agricultural markets such as Germany, the USA or Brazil. The xarvio™ SCOUTING App is used in over 30 countries. In social media, especially on Twitter, the agricultural community discusses the benefits of the xarvio™ smart Applications.

Online users are publishing and exchanging pictures of plants to identify diseases or weeds. They are also mentioning xarvio™ SCOUTING. For example, user J.W. recommends on Twitter: “Looks like common burdock but to satisfy your own curiosity download the xarvio™ SCOUTING App, works pretty good.” In the App Store, users point out the easy use of the SCOUTING App. F.415 explains: “I always wrote everything down. Now pictures are enough to identify and document the problems of my plants. I will use it in spring!” M.M. comments on the “good detection and easy handling” of the App.

At DLG-Feldtage 2018 in Germany, one of the largest farming shows in Europe, farmers were able to try for themselves the FIELD MANAGER at the xarvio™ booth. For many visitors, both the economic and environmental benefits of the App are particularly important. “The advantage of the variable Applications (of FIELD MANAGER) is that you can respond individually to your stock […] There is more biomass on one part of my field than on the other. That’s a wonderful way to use just the amount of pesticides that makes sense”, explained a farmer at the xarvio™ booth. Another visitor was even more adamant: “If we only spray targeted pesticides where they are needed, this has the great advantage of using 10 to 15 percent less pesticides and at the same time we save costs.”

Another focus topic in the agricultural community is the Smart Sprayer, which was developed in cooperation with Bosch. With the help of camera sensors, the technology detects what is growing in the field and then decides which pesticides should be sprayed on the respective weeds. Agricultural expert C.E.C. tweets “Awesome!!!. […] xarvio™ Smart Sprayer detects which weed is present and selects herbicides accordingly.” User B.MR gave their first impressions of the Smart Sprayer at the Agritechnica show: “Great! I followed that technology a bit and it looks good, everything is very integrated.” Farmer G.F. is also enthusiastic about the new technology on Twitter and describes xarvio™ as a “GameChanger”.

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