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Field Monitor

Receive field zone-specific information all year long, increase transparency & make better informed decisions for your fields, all year long.


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Free of charge in 2020

per farm and year

regular price £390
Spray Timer

Identify potential risks to your crops early on, and know the optimal time for application. Anytime and anywhere..


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One crop package

(Winter wheat)


per farm and year

All crop package

(Winter wheat, winter barley, winter oilseed rape)


per farm and year

Zone Spray

Field zone-specific variable application maps ready for your terminal - the right dose at the right place.


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Winter wheat & winter barley

 £2.50 /ha

Nutrient Management

Know when your crops need which nutrients and how much, for each field zone..



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Free of charge in 2020

regular price  £2.50/ ha

Arable Weather Station

As weather is one of the most important variables for crop production, you can now make the weather data available to you even more precise. From 2020 growing season onwards, the in-field Arable weather station can be fully integrated with FIELD MANAGER. Benefit from even more precise growth stage and risk alerts. Thanks to our partner Arable Labs Inc. FIELD MANAGER customers benefit from a special discount!



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regular price  1,330 €


regular price  £540 per year


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All prices are exclusive of VAT.

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