Simply Smarter Crop Production

The new digital approach to growing your crops and identifying risks early on. For your smartphone or as a web application. Based on 25 years of experience in producing crops.

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"It's a real time saver for my father and I as we are covering nearly 500 hectares while also working on diverse agricultural services."

Mathieu, farmer in France

By your side from seeding to harvest

FIELD MANAGER’s four components: Field Monitor, Nutrient Management, Spray Timer & Zone Spray support you in making better informed field management decisions throughout each season. All you need is your smartphone.

Field Monitor

Receive field zone-specific information all year long, increase transparency & make better informed decisions for your fields, all year long.

  • Current Biomass Maps of field zones, based on analysis & interpretation of satellite data
  • Historic field Power Zone maps based on up to 15 years of satellite data
  • Compare field zone maps for yield, nutrition, crop protection, growth regulators, seeding & soil
  • Detailed 10 day and hourly weather forecast for each of your fields, historic temperature and rainfall data
  • NEW - Machine Data Link allows Field Manager to send and receive data wirelessly to and from your terminal
NEW Nutrient Management

Know when your crops need which nutrients and how much, for each field zone.

  • Field-zone specific application maps for nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium
  • For each zone Field Manager calculates the demand of your crops based on satellite data and your crop history
  • Growth Stage models determine the best nutrient timing for your crops
  • Available for all Field Manager crops
Spray Timer

Identify potential risks to your crops early on, and know the optimal time for application. Anytime and anywhere.

  • Crop growth stage prediction, and forecast for each of your fields
  • Disease and insect risk scores for your fields, be alerted whenever there’s a change in risk status
  • Information on pending applications and those that have already been applied
  • Simply add your own observations on crop growth stage, disease and insect pressure to optimize the forecasts and alerts
Zone Spray

Field zone-specific variable application maps. The right dose at the right place.

  • Automatic generation of variable maps for your fields, based on satellite biomass data
  • Apply the correct amount of inputs at the right location to secure a good harvest
  • Compatible with most available terminals – developed for and tested on equipment
  • Simply load the maps on a USB flash drive and transfer them to your terminal
  • NEW - Machine Data Link allows Field Manager to send and receive data wirelessly to and from your terminal.
NEU Task Export

Wireless connection to your terminal

Benefit from a quick and wireless connection to your terminal via John Deere, agrirouter and NEVONEX.

  • Send and receive application maps wirelessly
  • Quickly set up your farms in FIELD MANAGER by importing field(s) from MyJohnDeere
NEW in 2020 SCOUTING integration

SCOUTING app now connected to FIELD MANAGER

By connecting SCOUTING, our in-field stress detecting app, with FIELD MANAGER you can not only integrate your own in-field pictures for record keeping but also create a scouting task and assign it to collaborators.

Tried and tested

Farmers who protected their wheat fields against diseases based on xarvio FIELD MANAGER Spray Timer alerts achieved on average £30 more per hectare compared to farmers using the standard protection regime with three fungicide applications.

Take full advantage of what FIELD MANAGER has to offer…get the app

Do you already use FIELD MANAGER on your computer? Then make sure you aren’t missing out on any of the benefits. With the FIELD MANAGER app, the information you need will always be at your fingertips – regardless of where you are. As soon as you log in on your smartphone with your existing FIELD MANAGER access data, all fields will be automatically synchronized and you’ll receive regular notifications on the right time for protecting your crops against potential risks on your fields.

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