Know how much nutrients your crops need for each field zone and the optimal application time.

By combining growth stage modelling, satellite data and field history, we take your nutrient management to the next level. You receive the best nutrient timing alerts as well as field-zone specific application maps.

xarvio Nutrient Management benefits at a glance

  • Season & field-specific growth stage models determine the best nutrient timing
  • Receive alerts when your crops are in the optimal growth stage
  • Create field-zone specific application maps for nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium
  • Automatic field-zone dosage alerts for phosphorus & potassium based on satellite data and your field history
  • Management zones can be included in Seeding, Nutrition & Crop Protection maps, e.g. biodiversity plots or wildlife windows
  • Maps can be adjusted manually at any time
  • Easy upload of as-applied maps for documentation and detailed analysis of results throughout the season