With xarvio Application Timing & Variable Application Maps, your Crop Protection & Growth Regulator applications are optimized at a field and field zone specific level.

Fields and field zones have different characteristics and therefore varying risk levels for plant stresses. The optimal crop protection strategy depends on many factors; crop and crop variety, weather data, elevation levels, biodiversity plots or biomass distribution. xarvio FIELD MANAGER analyzes all available data and processes it in agronomic models to give optimal protection alerts for each field.

xarvio Application Timing

Identify potential risks early on and apply crop protection & growth regulator at the right time for maximum efficiency.

  • Overview of risks and growth stages for each of your fields
  • Field-specific disease and insect risk, be alerted whenever there's a change in risk status
  • Available for a wide variety of diseases & crops, as well as for insects in oilseed rape
  • Simply add your own observations on crop growth stage, disease and insect pressure to optimize the forecasts and alerts
  • Easy management and documentation of applications
  • Management zones can be included in Seeding, Nutrition & Crop Protection maps, e.g. biodiversity plots or wildlife windows
  • +£30/ha more than standard timing of crop protection**

xarvio Variable Application Maps

The right dose at the right place.

Create variable application maps for your fields and easily adjust dose rate across each field zone, based on satellite biomass data.

  • Field-zone specific dosing of crop protection & growth regulators to ensure an optimal result
  • Compatible with nearly all available terminals
  • NEW - Integration your created management zones in your application maps
  • NEW - Machine Data Link enables wireless sending and receiving of data to and from your terminal 
  • +£30/ha More than standard treatment by using VRA maps****

Proven models to optimize crop production

Farmers who protected their wheat fields against diseases based on the xarvio FIELD MANAGER application timing achieved an average benefit of £30 per hectare. This is a result of increased yield and more efficient crop protection usage. **

What farmers are saying

“We’ve been involved with variable rate applications of seed and nitrogen and P and K for quite a long time and this seems to be the next step for applying fungicides and growth regulators variably."


James, farmer from UK

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