Pest Monitoring

SCOUTING automatically counts and classifies insects in a trap. Available for yellow traps in oilseed rape, pheromone traps in apples and grapes, and white cloth in soybean. Save time while ensuring the necessary threshold for your insecticide treatments.  

Pest Monitoring



Pheromone Trap

How the algorithm works


The algorithm detects and counts harmful insects in your pheromone trap. It differentiates between codling moth, European grapevine moth and oriental peach moth. 


Yellow Trap Analysis

How the algorithm works

The algorithm detects, identifies, and counts harmful insects caught in your yellow trap. It differentiates between weevils, pollen beetle and the cabbage stem flea beetle.

Benefit from radar functionality

Insects may migrate from one field to another. Our active community shares scouting results via the app to provide you with an overview of the insect pressure in your area.


Turn on notifications to stay informed about any approaching insect risks.


Discover all features

Identify and document weeds and weed coverage.

Identify diseases, pest damages and nutrient deficiencies in your crop.

Calculate the damaged leaf area.

Automatically count and classify insects in the trap.

Analyze the number of plants emerged per square meter.

Measure the actual nitrogen uptake in your crop.