Weed identification

Identify and document weed species in your field, especially in early growth stages, and assess weed coverage. 


Simply by taking a picture. 


Unique solution: SCOUTING can not only identify one weed but multiple weeds in just one image.

How the algorithm works

How the algorithm works

The algorithm can distinguish between more than 400 weeds. Its accuracy rate can vary by growth stage. 


Sharp pictures from a maximum distance of 50 cm showing weeds in early growth stages have the best accuracy. 


If the algorithm is unsure of the weed species, it analyses the genus, family or dicot vs. monocot respectively.


Weed species in scope 

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Identify and document weeds and weed coverage.

Identify diseases, pest damages and nutrient deficiencies in your crop.

Calculate the damaged leaf area.

Automatically count and classify insects in the trap.

Analyze the number of plants emerged per square meter.

Measure the actual nitrogen uptake in your crop.