NEW - Arable weather station data fully integrated with xarvio FIELD MANAGER

Actionable recommendations & insights, direct from the field
  • Benefit from even more precise growth stage modeling and risk alerts in FIELD MANAGER.
  • Over 40 in-field climate & plant metrics, for real-time analysis of weather & crop conditions.

Thanks to our partner Arable Labs, FIELD MANAGER customers are profiting from a special discount on hardware (40% rebate) and software (free for the first year).


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View in real time in FIELD MANAGER

  • Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Humidity
  • Solar radiation

Feeding directly into xarvio’s algorithms, these measurements even further improve the risk and growth stage models for even more precise recommendations.


Optional upgrade with live data for

  • Soil moisture
  • Wind speed and direction


Extensive data range in Arable Platform

The Arable Mark is calibrated against top-of-the line scientific equipment and is using patented spectrometer readings. View over 40 in-field climate & plant metrics, for real-time analysis of weather & crop conditions.

  • Schedule your irrigation with insights on crop water deficits and evapotranspiration.
  • Analyze canopy data for any crop type in all kinds of weather.
  • Monitor plant stress with daily chlorophyll index and temperature readings.
  • Track photosynthesis and growth with the help of NDVI measurements.