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Automated, wireless data transfer from FIELD MANAGER to sprayer

Optimized handling of xarvio™ application maps

Fits for all ISOBUS terminals / task controller

Manage all tasks simply with your tablet

Benefit from a quick and convenient wireless connection of FIELD MANAGER and your terminal via NEVONEX.

Realize the full potential of your fields, identify risks early on and protect your crop best. xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER is your entry into digital farming and comes with a unique range of clever features and functionalities, including field zone specific variable application maps to apply the right dose at the right place.

With the NEVONEX retro fit kit (FEK), it´s easier than ever to transfer xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER application maps to your sprayer that are perfectly adapted to your own equipment – even if you don´t have the latest terminal, task controller or section control. This way you can still benefit from all the advantages xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER has to offer.

Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Available in 2020!



Simply Smarter Crop Production

The new digital solution to help you make better decisions, protect your crops and identify risks earlier. Available for your smartphone or web application.


For more information, please visit www.nevonex.com