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Automatically identify in-field stress

xarvio™ SCOUTING is developed for agronomists as well as farmers to automatically identify problems in the fields. Just take a picture and instantly receive the result. SCOUTING supports more than 50 crops globally and helps you to document in-field stress easily.

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Just take a picture

Simply take a picture of the stress in your field, be it several weeds or an affected leaf. 

Get an instant analysis

You receive the result within seconds. This not only saves time but gives you more confidence for your crop management decisions.

Observe what diseases and pests are spreading around you

Find out what risks might affect your field. Radar displays information from the community about diseases, pests, weeds, leaf damages and nitrogen.

Receive notifications if diseases or pests are affecting your field

Receive immediate alerts when diseases or pests are spreading in your area. You can react better and faster on spreading risks.

NEW in 2020 SCOUTING integration

SCOUTING app now connected to FIELD MANAGER

All SCOUTING results and pictures are now available in your FIELD MANAGER. SCOUTING observations can easily be shared between agronomists and farm managers. 

“The SCOUTING app is very helpful for farmers. In case you don't know the disease or weed, it can easily be identified using the app."

Shubham, grape and tomato farmer from India

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