Plan Smarter. 
Grow Better.

Plan Smarter. 
Grow Better.

Better oversight, less risk and more reliability for your planning and decision-making. xarvio™ – Digital Farming Solutions helps you make the most out of your fields and field zones. Simple and straightforward. Increase efficiency, save time, optimize crop production – all while contributing to sustainable agriculture.


The future of farming is here. 
Join our global community of Digital Farmers. 

xarvio offers digital products that deliver independent field-zonespecific agronomic advice enabling farmers to produce their crops most efficiently. We started to develop our algorithms on real fields more than 25 years ago.

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The people behind the scenes

Tobias Menne

Global Digital Farming Lead

Björn Kiepe

Global Agronomy Lead

Andree-Georg Girg

Global Commercial Operations Lead

Thomas Schilling

Global IT/ Engineering Lead

Jeffrey Spencer

Global Technology & Data Lead

Commercial Operations

Andrew Arome Achille

APAC & Africa

Henrich Meier


Hernán Mora


Jérôme Clair

France, Belgium, Netherlands

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Villanueva

Southern Europe

Joseph Allendorf

Germany & Austria

Kael Briggs


Lucas Marcolin


Masaki Sekine


Shiva Prakash T.H.M.


Vladimir Kondratiuk

Eastern Europe

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