Know when your crops need which nutrients and how much, for each field zone.

By combining growth stage modelling, satellite data and field history, we take your nutrient management to the next level. You get best nutrient timing recommendations as well as field-zone specific application maps.

Nutrient Management benefits at a glance

  • Season- & field-specific growth stage models determine the best nutrient timing
  • Receive alerts when your crops are in the optimal growth stage
  • Automatic field-zone dosage recommendation for phosphorus & potassium based on satellite data and your field history

Weather Pro

Detailed in season weather analysis, hourly weather forecasts & access to the historic climatic database.


Each field zone is unique. Treat your fields as heterogeneous as they are and save costs at the same time.

  • Know exactly when the best conditions are for your field management activities, considering temperature, rain, wind and sunshine forecasts.
  • Compare rainfall & temperatures of the current season with the average of the last 10 years.