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Detect in-field stress just by taking a photo.

Detect in-field stress using your smartphone camera. xarvio SCOUTING identifies weeds and diseases at early growth stages and accurately calculates extent of leaf damage. . 


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How does it work?

Just take a picture

Detect in-field stress just by taking a photo.

Advanced field monitoring with the RADAR functionality

Wish you could get an accurate overview of local and regional disease pressure?  Now you can with the RADAR feature in Scouting. By aggregating information collected from the Scouting App user community, you will see what threats and where are likely to become a concern in your fields using actual reported observations.

Notifications based on the SCOUTING COMMUNITY to improve your risk management

Receive immediate alerts when diseases are spreading into your area. With the support of the SCOUTING community and xarvio™ expertise – you can better prepare before its too late.

NEW in 2020 SCOUTING integration

SCOUTING app now connected to FIELD MANAGER

All SCOUTING results and pictures are now available to see in FIELD MANAGER. As an agronomist, your SCOUTING observations can be automatically shared with farm managers.

“The SCOUTING app is very helpful for farmers. In case you don't know the disease or weed, it can easily be identified using the app."

Shubham, grape and tomato farmer from India