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2 fields xarvio FIELD MANAGER Premium for free**

Field weather – now, forecasts & history
  • Hourly to plan your activities (temperature, rain, wind & sunshine)
  • Integrate your own weather station
  • Access to historic climate data for your fields
Cross compliant documentation & season reports
  • Central hub to document & view your activities
  • Create a PDF season report for your entire farm
Field-maps visualization & analysis
  • Visualization to analyze your zone-specific seeding, fertilization, crop protection, growth regulator & yield maps
  • Upload your maps from your hard drive, via USB stick or wirelessly with MyJohnDeere
Share your fields & organize your team
  • Share your observations, field insights & tasks between your employees, consultants, contractors or distributors – on all devices
Create field management zones
  • Create flat rate application maps
xarvio SCOUTING App integration
  • Just take a picture to identify problems on your field & have it documented in FIELD MANAGER.

**Currently the first 2 fields you create(d), you can choose with one of the next updates


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$450 CAD

365 days/per farm
(excl. GST/HST)

+ includes Basic

Optimized crop protection timing1
  • Field-specific prediction for disease
  • Profitable and sustainable crop protection through optimal timing recommendation
  • Protect only when necessary based on in-field stress
Historical yield potential maps  –  satellite & own data
  • Visualize the yield potential of the zones in your fields
  • Compare the current field performance with previous seasons
On/Off application maps2
  • Automatic variable application maps for up to 7 zones based on satellite data & biomass calculations
  • Ready for most terminals via USB stick or MyJohnDeere
Variable Rate seeding maps
  • Optimize the seeding rate to your yield potential & soil zones
Crop growth stage forecasts3
  • Field-specific automatic modelling of crop growth stages
  • Based on modelling satellite, weather, variety data & seeding date
  • Growth-stage-based fertilization timing advice
  • Optimize your planning and tasks
Field-zone-specific variable rate fertilization maps
  • Variable fertilization maps for N, P & K, ready for most terminals
Regular current biomass maps  – based on satellite data
  • See the biomass development in each field zone
  • Compare the success of different crop production strategies
Analyze field-zone maps
  • Compare e.g. fertilization maps with biomass development
  • Monitor & measure the success of your agronomic decisions

1 Fungicides Canola, Winter Wheat, Spring Wheat, Corn & Soy
2 Fungicides Canola, Winter Wheat, Spring Wheat
3 Canola, Spring Wheat, Winter Wheat, Corn and Soy


Get FIELD MANAGER for free now