Field Monitor

Receive, upload & analyze all field-zone specific information in one place. Increase transparency & take better informed decision for your fields, all year long.

Set-up field management zones; for example, buffer & biodiversity zones, trial plots or field obstacles; according to your farm’s needs.

xarvio Field Monitor benefits at a glance

Current Biomass Maps

Identify high & low performing field-zones based on current satellite data

  • NEW - Absolute biomass…most maps on the market are relative for each field in a given moment in time, with absolute biomass you can compare different fields directly…also with previous years.
  • Use the current biomass maps to make better-informed nutrition, irrigation, crop protection and growth regulator decisions.
  • Get short-term feedback on the success of your field management activities.
  • Identify issues in your fields early on to prioritize your scouting activities.

Historic Biomass Maps

Identify high & low performing field-zones based on real-time satellite data

  • Before Season: Use the powerzone map to plan your seeding and field preparations.
  • In-Season: Guaranteed availability of variable application maps based on historic field-zone performance, independently of in-season cloud coverage.

Management zones

Set-up field management zones according to your farm’s needs, permanently or season specific.


  • Identify the right place for management zones by seeing different information layers in the background, e.g.
    • Historic & current biomass
    • Soil maps
    • Yield maps
  • Categorize them and manage them accordingly
    • Buffer & biodiversity zones, e.g. bird windows
    • Trial plots
    • Field obstacles
  • Upload or send the management zone maps to your terminal for automatic on-field implementation

Field Analytics

One central hub to document, visualize & analyze your field management activities and see the resulting in-season zone specific biomass development right next to it.

  • Monitor and measure the impact of your agronomic decisions on crop performance throughout and across seasons.
  • Achieve higher yields by comparing the results of different field management strategies on your fields.

Weather Pro

Detailed in season weather analysis, hourly weather forecasts & access to the historic climatic database.

  • Know exactly when the best conditions are for your field management activities, considering temperature, rain, wind and sunshine forecasts.
  • Compare rainfall & temperatures of the current season with the average of the last 10 years.

Connect your Arable and Pessl weather station

By connecting your own weather station to FIELD MANAGER, you get even more precise weather data & field analysis.

  • Highly innovative and maintenance free technology, calculating rain fall by measuring impact sound of raindrops.
  • Engage with user friendly visualizations of your in-field weather data
  • Receive regular, real-time updates directly from your fields
  • Compare this season’s rainfall and temperature on your fields with historical climatic conditions
  • Seamlessly feed in-field data into xarvio’s agronomic risk models for even better recommendations
SCOUTING integration

xarvio SCOUTING app now connected to xarvio FIELD MANAGER

By connecting xarvio SCOUTING – the 6 in 1 automatic crop stress identification app – to FIELD MANAGER you can store all your own in-field pictures for documentation and analysis. You can also create scouting tasks and assign it to your employees or advisors.