With xarvio Spray Timer & Zone Spray you are avalaible to optimize your crop protection at the field level.

Fields and even field-zones have different characteristics and thus also different risk levels for plant stresses. The optimal crop protection strategy depends on many factors like crop, variety, weather data, elevation levels or biomass distribution. xarvio FIELD MANAGER analyzes all available data and processes it in agronomic models to give optimal protection advice for each field.

xarvio Spray Timer

Identify potential risks early on and apply crop protection at the right time for maximum efficiency.

  • Overview of risks and growth stages for each of your fields
  • Field-specific risk alerts & recommendations whenever there is a change in risk status
  • Available for a wide variety of diseases & crops
  • Observations can be added in the app to even further fine-tune forecasts and recommendations
  • NEW - Get recommendations for products that protect your Canola, Winter Wheat, Spring Wheat, Corn and Soy most efficiently
  • Easy management and cross compliant documentation of applications
  • Management zones can be included in Seeding, Nutrition & Crop Protection maps.(eg, setting up on farm trials)

xarvio Zone Spray

The right dose at the right place.

Each field zone is unique. Treat your fields individually and save costs at the same time.

  • Automatic generation of on/off application maps for your fields
  • Avalaible for Canola, Spring Wheat and Winter Crops
  • Compatible with nearly all available terminals
  • NEW - Machine Data Link enables wireless sending and receiving of data to and from your terminal

Proven models to optimize crop production

Farmers who protected their fields against diseases with xarvio FIELD MANAGER application timing, achieved consistent ROI's compared to farmers using stamdard protection. This results in a increased yield and more efficient crop protection usage. **