Precisely what you need, exactly where you need it.

Optimize your fungicide application with NEW Zone Spray, a cutting edge technology that allows you to selectively protect the highest production zones of your canola crop and avoid treating in areas with no economic benefit. Because a job worth doing, is worth doing right.



Watch the video to see how Zone Spray works

“The thing I like about Zone Spray is that you’re applying it where it needs to be, at the time it needs to be there. It’s a very efficient way of applying fungicides.”
– James Jackson, Grower, Jarvie, AB

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“You can take a little more time to sit back and enjoy driving across the field looking at what you have, without worrying about manually turning booms off and on.”
– Austin Sundeen, Grower, Brocket, ND

No more guesswork

Cover the entire field without spraying every acre. In-season satellite imagery helps you to make informed decisions on which areas you want to protect

Maximize efficiency

Zone Spray allows you to protect your highest value areas, making your application go further and providing a better return on your fungicide investment

So easy, everyone can do it

From your first field registration to your final application, the Zone Spray process is easy to navigate and intuitively designed with first-class user support