Crop Protection


Efficiently improve plant health by combining optimal timing with On/Off rate applications.

Fields and field zones have different characteristics with different risk levels for plant stressors. The optimal crop protection strategy depends on many factors like crop, variety, weather data, elevation, buffer zones or biomass distribution. Receive timely alerts and recommendations to identify the best time for crop protection applications based on crop growth stage and disease risks.


xarvio Crop Protection benefits

Application Timing

Application Timing

Identify risks early and apply crop protection products at the right time.

  • View the risks and growth stages for each of your fields
  • Receive field-specific risk alerts and recommendations
  • Include your field observations to enhance models and adjust recommendations
  • Easy management and documentation of applications
Application Timing

Variable Rate Applications

The right rate in the right place.

  • Automatically generate variable rate maps for your fields
  • Benefit from field zone-specific input rates for optimal results 
  • Automatic integration of management zones including buffer zones and trial plots
  • Send and receive data wirelessly to and from your terminal via several machinery options
Variable Applications
Variable Applications

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