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Digital Farming Products



Simply Smarter Crop Production

Optimize your fungicide application with NEW FIELD MANAGER Zone Spray, a cutting edge technology that allows you to selectively protect the highest production zones of your canola crop and avoid treating in areas with no economic benefit. Because a job worth doing, is worth doing right.


Watch the video to see how FIELD MANAGER works

No more guesswork

Cover the entire field without spraying every acre. In-season satellite imagery helps you to make informed decisions on which areas you want to protect.

Maximize efficiency

FIELD MANAGER Zone Spray allows you to protect your highest value areas, making your application go further and providing a better return on your fungicide investment.

So easy, everyone can do it

From your first field registration to your final application, the FIELD MANAGER Zone Spray process is easy to navigate and intuitively designed with first-class user support.

Spray Timer

Don’t miss the right time to spray fungicide.

Spray Timer is based on predictive disease models combined with seeding time, growth stage timing, and weather. It predicts when disease is going to be present and automatically notifies your mobile phone when the calculated fungicide application window is approaching. So you never miss the right time to spray fungicide.

Zone Spray

Right Place. Right Time.

Creates satellite imagery-based biomass maps. From these you create and download on-off prescription maps. Apply fungicide only where it's economical.

“The thing I like about Zone Spray is that you’re applying it where it needs to be, at the time it needs to be there. It’s a very efficient way of applying fungicides.”
– James Jackson, Grower, Jarvie, AB

FIELD MANAGER is tried and tested. See what farmers say.

Thousands of farmers around the world have started to work with xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER with convincing results!

“You can take a little more time to sit back and enjoy driving across the field looking at what you have, without worrying about manually turning booms off and on.”
– Austin Sundeen, Grower, Brocket, ND

Three easy steps

Step 1

Log in and set up you field boundaries and enter basic agronomic information.

Step 2

Create Zone Spray maps for your equipment from available imagery

Step 3

Upload maps to your sprayer and let Zone Spray do the rest

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The Assistant in Your Pocket

More knowledge, better decisions. Our new xarvio™ SCOUTING app makes it easy to detect in-field stress in seconds just by taking a photo.

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