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Zone Spray:

Optimize your fungicide application with NEW FIELD MANAGER Zone Spray, a cutting edge technology that allows you to selectively protect the highest production zones of your canola crop and avoid treating in areas with no economic benefit. Because a job worth doing, is worth doing right.

Spray Timer

Optimize your fungicide applications in Canola with the NEW FIELD MANAGER Zone Spray, a cutting edge technology that allows you to selectively protect the highest production zones in each field based on in-season satellite imagery. With Zone Spray you can avoid treating zones with no economic benefits. Additional crops being added in 2021 - check back for more details!


Spray Timer

Understand crop health stress and disease risk for each field. Identify potential threats earlier any make more confident decisions on fungicide applications and improve your ROI.

  • Available for corn, soybeans, spring and winter wheat. Know the crop health risks and growth stages for each field  
  • Receive alerts when crop risk is increasing and critical growth stages are approaching to better plan for fungicide applications
  • Information on pending applications and those that have already been applied
Field Monitor

Receive field zone specific information…increase transparency & take better informed decision for your fields, all year long.

  • Current Biomass Maps of field zones, based on analysis & interpretation of satellite data
  • Historic Field Power Zone Maps based on up to 15 years of satellite data
  • Field Zone Maps for yield, nutrition, crop protection, growth regulators, seeding & soil
  • Detailed information on current weather conditions and hourly forecasts for your fields
NEW in 2020 SCOUTING integration

SCOUTING app now connected to FIELD MANAGER

By connecting SCOUTING, our in-field stress detecting app, with FIELD MANAGER you can not only integrate your own in-field pictures for record keeping but also create a scouting task and assign it to collaborators.

All Field Manager features are available in our easy-to-use mobile App

Receive all of the benefits of using Field Manager right on your mobile phone. With easy-to-use functionality, stay up to date on crop health status for every field - right at your finger tips. Automatically synced with your web-based Field Manager account, xarvio delivers alerts right to your phone where you can plan fungicide applications from your truck or in the field. 

Download the FIELD MANAGER app now for free. From the app store or Google Play.

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