Simply Smarter Crop Production

Manage your farm operation with more confidence and ease. Field Manager is a complete tool for planning applications, optimizing your crop inputs and maximizing crop health at both the field and zone level. 

Utilizing more than 25 years of agronomic data and expertise, Field Manager provides profitable insights on crop production for corn, soybeans, winter wheat, spring wheat and canola.

Along with your cropping information, xarvio Field Manager monitors envrionmental conditions to predict plant health and disease stress during the growing season providing you with alerts and dependable, actionable recommendations to improve your bottom line.

Available for your smartphone and laptop.


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Optimize your input investments and get more dollars out of each acre.


Spray Timer and Zone Spray make up the primary "Plant Health and Crop Protection" functionalities within Field Manager. These along with “Field Monitor” and “Nutrient Management” support you in making better informed management decisions and optimizing your crop production.

Field Monitor

All of your field specific information in one place to make better informed decision all year long.

  • Cloud free in-season biomass maps provided 2-3 times weekly for every field!
  • xarvio provides absolute biomass maps so you can compare maps across time and fields.
  • Historic Power Zone maps combine 15 years of satellite data into one long term ""average"" production map of each of your fields.
  • Upload your own soil, as-applied or yield maps for convenient access and side-by-side comparisons with historic and current satellite imagery for every field.
  • Easy access to detailed current & historic weather conditions so you can compare the current season with long term trends. You can also connect selected weather stations to get even more precise insights.
NEW Planting

Easily create your own VRA seeding maps to maximize ROI on seed.

  • Use xarvio's 7-zone historic power zone map to create your desired VRA seeding map. Or, use your own harvest or custom management zone maps.
  • VRA seeding maps are easily exported from Field Manager for upload to your terminal.
NEU Fertilization

xarvio provides nutrition recommendations for P and K. Create custom VRA nitrogen maps to meet your nitrogen goals.

  • Growth Stage models determine the best nutrient timing for your crops
  • FIELD MANAGER calculates the demand of you crops based on satellite data and your field history
NEW Crop Health and Protection

Know the environmental stress and disease risk for every field - anytime and anywhere.

  • Field Manager - Spray Timer monitors the plant health (abiotic) stress, like drought or heat, and the disease risk and growth stages for each of your fields
  • Field-specific risk alerts & fungicide application timing recommendations are provided when yield potential is threatened
  • Field Manager - Zone Spray provides you a tool to create On-Off application maps based on current biomass to avoid applying fungicides in areas with lower yield potential in wheat and canola.

Proven models to optimize crop production

Farmers who protected their wheat fields using xarvio FIELD MANAGER, saw a $16/acre improvement to their bottom line compared to farmers using standard protection practices. This was the result of increased yield and more efficient crop protection usage. **

Take full advantage of what FIELD MANAGER has to offer…get the app

With the FIELD MANAGER app, the information you need will always be at your fingertips. Just log in with your existing FIELD MANAGER email and password and all fields will be synchronized automatically, and you'll start receiving regular notifications on crop production recommendations right to your phone. 

Download the FIELD MANAGER app now for free. From the app store or Google Play.

Easy Task Up- & Download

Wireless connection to your terminal

  • Send & receive application maps wirelessly to & from your terminal via our partner John Deere.
  • Easier set-up of your farms in FIELD MANAGER by importing field(s) from MyJohnDeere.
SCOUTING integration

xarvio SCOUTING app now connected to xarvio FIELD MANAGER

By connecting xarvio SCOUTING – our leading automatic crop stress identification app – to FIELD MANAGER you can store all your own in-field pictures for documentation and analysis. You can also create scouting tasks and assign it to your employees or advisors.

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