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Get to know your field like never before and make better crop management decisions. xarvio FIELD MANAGER delivers greater efficiency, helping you optimize yield and profitability in every job step.


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The four main components

support you in understanding your different field zones, optimizing your applications
timing & rates, and making informed field management decisions.




Benefits of variable application maps

xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Video

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Field Monitor

One place to monitor, compare and analyze field zone information all year long.

  • Make better decisions for your field with increased transparency
  • Get satellite-based, current biomass maps for each field zone – every 3 days regardless of cloud cover
  • Benefit from historic Field Power Zone Maps based on up to 15 years of satellite data
  • Visualize field zone-specific data including soil-, yield-, as applied maps and many more
  • Receive detailed weather information--historic, current, and hourly forecast. Connect your weather station for more precise weather data
  • Integrate management zones including buffer zones or biodiversity areas (e.g. water bodies)
  • Send and receive data wirelessly to and from your terminal via several connectivity options
  • NEW - Upload your soil maps and use as a basis for variable-rate applications
xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Field Monitor
xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Field Monitor
xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Seeding

Save costs and achieve higher yields with field zone specific seeding.

  • Adjust seeding density easily with variable rate maps based on a variety of map options
  • NEW - use your own soil maps as a basis for your seeding map
  • NEW - merge multiple maps to further optimize seeding maps
xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Seeding
Crop Nutrition

Increase yield and save money by optimizing the distribution of fertilizer.

  • Create field-zone specific application maps for N, P & K
  • Benefit from automatically calculated field zone specific rates
  • NEW - use the nutrition planning tool for a better overview of your crop nutrition needs
  • NEW - document and create VRA maps for organic fertilizer and custom fertilizer
xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Crop Nutrition
xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Crop Nutrition
xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Crop Protection
Crop Protection

Receive early risk alerts and recommendations to optimize crop health. Anytime and anywhere.

  • Keep an overview of risks and growth stages for each of your fields
  • Benefit from automatic generation of variable-rate application maps for inputs to ensure optimal plant health
xarvio® FIELD MANAGER - Crop Protection

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