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To purchase xarvio FIELD MANAGER packages, please login or register in the FIELD MANAGER Web Version and go to the web shop. Currently you won’t find the shop in the App, we are working on making it available soon. If you need any further assistance, please contact our customer support team at (800) 365-5006 (M-F 8:30 - 4:30 Mountain Time) or email at usa@xarvio.info.



Includes access to Field Manager Premium for 2 fields**

Field weather – now, forecasts & history
  • Hourly to plan your activities (temperature, rain, wind & sunshine)
  • Integrate your own weather station
  • Access to historic climate data for your fields
Cross compliant documentation & season reports
  • Central hub to document & view your activities
  • Create a PDF season report for your entire farm
Field-maps visualization & analysis
  • Visualization to analyze your zone-specific seeding, fertilization, crop protection, growth regulator & yield maps
  • Upload your maps from your hard drive, via USB stick or wirelessly with MyJohnDeere
Share your fields & organize your team
  • Share your observations, field insights & tasks between your employees, consultants, contractors or distributors – on all devices
Create field management zones
  • Create flat rate application maps
xarvio SCOUTING App integration
  • Just take a picture to identify problems on your field & have it documented in FIELD MANAGER.

**Currently the first 2 fields you create(d), you can choose with one of the next updates


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Annual subscription per farm
(excl. VAT)

Regular current biomass maps – based on satellite data
  • See the biomass development in each field zone
  • Compare the success of different crop production strategies
Field-zone-specific variable fertilization maps
  • Variable fertilization maps for N, P & K, ready for most terminals
Historical yield potential maps – satellite & own data
  • Visualize the yield potential of the zones in your fields
  • Compare the current field performance with previous seasons
Compare field-zone maps next to each other
  • Compare e.g. fertilization maps with biomass development
  • Monitor & measure the success of your agronomic decisions
Variable seeding maps
  • Optimize the seeding rate to your yield potential & soil zones
Optimized crop protection - Spray Timer1
  • Field specific prediction for disease risk
  • Profitable and sustainable crop protection through optimal fungicide timing recommendations
  • Protect only when disease risk is increasing and critical growth stages are approaching where yield loss is probable
Optimized crop protection - Spray Timer with Plant Health2
  • Protect when environmental crop stress on plant health is present and/or disease risk is increasing and critical growth stages are approaching where yield loss is probable
Optimized crop protection - Zone Spray3
  • Create On-Off fungicide application maps for up to 5 zones based on satellite data & biomass calculations
  • Only spray where it pays

1 Fungicides for corn, soybeans, winter wheat, spring wheat and canola
2 Fungicides for corn and soybeans
3 Fungicides for winter wheat, spring wheat and canola


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