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All prices are exclusive of value-added tax.

Field Monitor

Receive field zone specific information…increase transparency & take better informed decision for your fields, all year long.

  • Current Biomass Maps of field zones, based on analysis & interpretation of satellite data
  • Historic Field Power Zone Maps based on up to 15 years of satellite data
  • Field Zone Maps for yield, nutrition, crop protection, growth regulators, seeding & soil
  • Detailed information on current weather conditions and hourly forecasts for your fields

Spray Timer

Protect your crops and identify potential risks early on. Anytime and anywhere.

  • Overview of risks and growth stage for each of your fields
  • Disease and insect alerts whenever there’s a change in risk status
  • Information on pending applications and those that have already been applied
  • Simply add your own observations on disease and insects to optimize the forecasts and recommendations

Zone Spray

Field zone specific variable application maps as web application…right dose at the right place

  • Automatic generation of variable maps for your fields
  • Apply the correct amount of inputs at the right location to secure a good harvest
  • Compatible with most available terminals – developed for and tested on equipment
  • Simply load the maps on a USB flash drive and transfer them to your terminal


Download now for free!

Your smartphone can now tell you what weeds and diseases you are seeing. Using image recongition technology, you simply take a picture and the Scouting app will tell you in seconds what weeds or diseases you are looking at and map the location.  Get a head start on weed and disease control with the easy-to-use Scouting App.  Simply download for free from the App Store or Google Play and see for yourself!

AppStore GooglePlay

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