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Let's stand together in tough times.

Farming is one of those tasks which cannot be interrupted – because your job of crop production and  thus food supply is essential. To support you, our smart digital crop production tool is now free to manage your field risks - from home or mobile.  


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Field Monitor

Receive field zone specific information, increase transparency & take better informed decision for your fields, all year long.


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per farm and year

regular price $350 USD
Spray Timer

Protect your crops and identify potential risks early on. Anytime and anywhere.


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per crop
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 $400 USD
Zone Spray

Field zone specific variable application maps ready for your terminal - with the right dose at the right place.


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Prescription Maps

regular price $1.50 USD

Regardless of whether you have a quick question about managing your fields or a technical problem, xarvio Customer Support is available to help you.


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