Easily create your own VRA seeding maps to maximize ROI on seed.

Use xarvio's 7-zone historic power zone map to create your desired VRA seeding map. Or, use your own harvest or custom management zone maps.

VRA seeding maps are easily exported from Field Manager for upload to your terminal.

xarvio Planting benefits at a glance

  • Optimize seed population by field zone, optimizing yield potential
  • In lower field zones reduce seed population to reduce plant stress and increase yield
  • Variable planting maps ready for most terminals to adjust seeding population easily
  • Planting maps are based on the yield potential of each field zone by analyzing historical biomass distribution, yield-, soil- and elevation maps
  • Management zones can be included in Planting, Nutrition & Crop Protection maps, e.g. buffer zones or trial strips
  • Maps can be adjusted manually at any time
  • Easy upload of as-applied planting files for documentation and detailed analysis of results throughout the season