Fungus free fields including a guarantee as an outcome-based offer

Get a tailor-made field strategy - not only for better numbers but for your convenience too. 

Based on millions of data points and models, xarvio™ HEALTHY FIELDS enables an expert contractor to manage your fields for guaranteed success.


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HEALTHY FIELDS for farmers HEALTHY FIELDS for contractors

Our guarantee promise for you

The right crop protection strategy for your fields is crucial. HEALTHY FIELDS ensures optimal application timing, product choice and dosing for your crops that are field- and season-specific.
Your trusted contractor or a proposed contractor by xarvio will automatically receive & implement decisions backed by our analyzed data sets based on more than 25 years of experience. You won’t only have full transparency, but also a success guarantee for your fields.

What our customers are saying

“The recommendations of HEALTHY FIELDS fit very well with our own assessments on the field. Thus, we always have an overview about the current situation of our crops without having to go to the field.”


Horst Düll, farmer in Germany

Guaranteed success at a fixed price

If the calculated strategy doesn’t deliver fungus free fields, we will financially reimburse for any damages.

Full transparency


Receive complete visibility on the current health status of your fields, the planned crop protection strategy and the implementation status.

Crop Protection Strategy 

Best field- and season-specific crop protection strategy for your crops: optimized application timing, product choice & dosing.

For farmers

Sign up and your fields will be thankful

Access your HEALTHY FIELDS and follow your fields throughout the season, eased with a guarantee of success. 

For contractors

Advanced service for you and your customers

Back up your expertise with big data analytics for the best consultations. Find everything you need to manage the HEALTHY FIELDS of your customers.

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