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The disease models behind HEALTHY FIELDS have been tried and tested over decades and provide reliable recommendations for the right application timing. Our recommendations are based on extensive data, complex plant disease models, field trials, as well as information on location, weather, previous crop and variety. This results in an optimal strategy for each individual field. In 2020 & 2021, HEALTHY FIELDS delivered an average leaf health of more than 80 percent on all HEALTHY FIELDS farms.

We take the risk

If leaf health is below 80 percent, our guarantee will apply. Depending on the extent of the leaf damage and according to the conditions of our guarantee, then a graduated level of compensation that covers not only the purchase price but also potential harvest failures.

Leaf health: Everything under control

With the xarvio SCOUTING app you can easily check the leaf health: In the first instance you determine the leaf health at BBCH 75 (wheat) or BBCH 69 (barley). If further assessment of the damage is necessary, we will send an independent specialist to your fields for an on-site assessment. If the leaf health is below 80 percent, you will receive a refund depending on the leaf health class.

Winter wheat

For winter wheat, we guarantee a leaf health of at least 80 percent for the two most yield-relevant leaves (F and F-1) at BBCH 75. If this value is not reached in your field, you will receive compensation depending on the leaf health class.

For details on pricing please see the respective country website.

Winter barley

In winter barley, the guarantee covers at least 80 percent leaf health of leaves F to F-2 at BBCH 69. If it is found that the health was not sufficiently guaranteed, there is a staggered repayment depending on the leaf damage.

For details on pricing please see the respective country website.

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