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Satisfied customers for sure

Customers wish for certainty in several matters. They want to be sure that the optimal fungicide and growth regulator strategy is being applied and they need the certainty that their crops are being kept healthy. And best of all, with full transparency. Now you can easily offer your customers - and yourself, of course - precisely this assurance: with xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS.

»The creation, handling and documentation of applications has become easy. In addition, the recommendations help to reduce dosage rates and the health guarantee provides higher security.«

Gerd Boven, farmer from Germany

Automatically always correct

Optimised crop protection can be simple. xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS automatically selects the right fungicides and growth regulators for each field. How much, when and where to apply is determined by xarvio FIELD MANAGER - if the technical requirements are met, it is even possible to apply field-zone specifically by easily created application maps.

Quick and easy transfer

Quick and easy - this is how application maps should be transferred to your own terminal. With xarvio CONNECT, this can be done reliably. No matter whether from a mobile phone, PC, or tablet. simply send them wirelessly to the terminal and start immediately. Later, the applied maps are automatically uploaded to xarvio FIELD MANAGER - the application is documented, the warranty guaranteed.

Stay up to date

Get a full overview of all customers and their farms: as a contractor, you know how important this is. The Crossfarm Dashboard shows not only fields, but also all crop seasons and the infection risks of individual fields. Therefore, you have everything at a glance - and it is immediately clear where work is needed next.

Improved workflows

Organise your team, plan activities and assig tasks to your collaborators. Receive automatic documentation of applied tasks and the assessments. This saves time, money and the protects the environment.

The season with HEALTHY FIELDS



1. Registration




2. Appointment

with xarvio team to sign the contract and become a certified contractor (including training for all drivers).



3. Mediation

xarvio arranges tasks from the region for members of the xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS contractor network. We are also happy to support you in winning your customers for xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS.



4. Field-specific application tasks

You receive field-specific application tasks automatically via xarvio FIELD MANAGER and have to implement them on your customers' fields according to Good Professional Practice.



5. Guarantee

Enable yourself and your customers to have safe and healthy fields through xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS.


Free of charge in the HEALTHY FIELDS package

Transfer application maps from xarvio FIELD MANAGER to your own terminal via mobile phone, PC or tablet - no problem at all with our xarvio CONNECT. You can get started straight away. After the task is completed, the application maps are automatically sent back to xarvio FIELD MANAGER and if a contractor has taken over the work, full transparency of the applications run is guaranteed at all times. The application maps are available in xarvio FIELD MANAGER at any time.



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