Plan smarter.
Grow better

The future of agriculture is digital.
And so is its present.

Better oversight, less risk and more reliability for your planning and decision-making. xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions helps you make the most out of your fields and field zones. Simple and straightforward. Increase efficiency, save time, optimize crop production – all while contributing to sustainable agriculture.


Simply Smarter Crop Production

The new digital approach to managing your fields better. Based on 25 years of experience in crop production. xarvio FIELD MANAGER is available for your smartphone and as web application

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What farmer say
»It's a real time saver for my father and I as we are covering nearly 500 hectares while also working on diverse agricultural services.«

Mathieu, farmer in France


Optimised crop protection.
Leaf health guaranteed.

Get a tailor-made field strategy - not only for better numbers for your convenience too. Based on millions of data points and models, xarvio HEALTHY FIELDS enables an expert contractor to manage your fields for guaranteed success.

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What farmer say
»HEALTHY FIELDS makes my workdays more relaxed, and allows me to concentrate on other tasks without missing anything important.«

Alexander Wiesner, farmer in Hohenstein, Germany

xarvio CONNECT

Variable applications and documentation made easy.

The fastest connection between xarvio and your machines.

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What farmer say
»Sustainable agriculture is demanded by society. xarvio CONNECT helps us to do this – the device is innovative and self-explanatory! It’s not only fun, but also really benefits the farm..«

Aurel Hagen, farmer in Stralsund, Germany



Spray as much as needed, as little as possible.

A joint venture of Bosh and BASF

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