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BASF launches free xarvio® SCOUTING app in South Africa to help farmers optimize crop production


  • Free access to world’s number one in-field agronomic problem identification
  • Instant image recognition of local weeds and diseases for key crops using a smartphone application (app)
  • Supports better agronomic decision-making, improving crop health and yield

Cologne, Germany / Midrand, South Africa – May 16, 2022 – BASF Digital Farming GmbH, part of BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division, has officially launched its xarvio® SCOUTING smartphone app to support South African farmers and agronomic advisors. It was launched at Nampo, South Africa’s largest agricultural trade show, and was incorporated into BASF South Africa’s stand, as part of its complete offer to the South African farmer. The launch also represents the first commercial market entry in Africa for BASF Digital Farming and smart farming products from its xarvio Digital Faming Solutions range.


The unique xarvio SCOUTING app is free to download and use and has been specifically configured to local agronomic conditions. It enables the fast and accurate identification of significant local weeds and diseases impacting key crops such as maize soybeans, citrus and cereals.


Developed by agronomists and farmers, xarvio SCOUTING uses an advanced plant modelling platform powered by live algorithms that continually improve precision and functionality through machine learning and data sharing. It can instantly detect in-field stress and calculate leaf damage by simply taking a picture with a smartphone. A unique community-based radar function also allows growers to see threats in surrounding fields and notifies them once a threat is close, so they can act


“xarvio SCOUTING is developed for farmers to easily and conveniently identify and document in-field problems. You simply take a photo with a smartphone, then submit to instantly receive the result. With this information in-field issues and problems can be more precisely identified, supporting better, more timely decisions for appropriate treatment,” says Andre Pretorius, Marketing Manager, BASF South Africa.


Saving time spent on scouting expeditions and increasing growers’ and advisors’ access to detailed and beneficial information, xarvio SCOUTING is widely recognised as the most comprehensive, automated, agronomic problem identifier available globally. The app can identify more than 400 weed types and recognise damages caused by more than 400 different diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies in over 60 different crops worldwide. 


“We are confident that xarvio SCOUTING will be well-received and used in South Africa. The app’s accuracy will continuously improve the more often farmers use it and share images of weeds, diseases, and insect pests affecting their crops. This will ensure that faster and more relevant results are delivered, helping growers optimize crop production,” added Andrew Achille, Regional Commercial Lead APAC & Africa, xarvio Digital Farming Solutions.


To download the free xarvio SCOUTING app, visit Google Play or the App Store.

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BASF South Africa


Mobile: 076020 8537


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