xarvio brings its agricultural solutions to Les Culturales 2019

Les Culturales  is one of the biggest agriculture and agri-tech events in France. The 2019 edition  took place in Jaunay-Marigny, France from  June 5 and 6. The venue was host to numerous conferences, exhibitions and discussions about better farming and the challenges the industry faces. Happy to contribute to the conversation, xarvio attended to provide insight on the SCOUTING and FIELD MANAGER apps and how they are providing geographically-specific solutions for French farmers.

The two-day event  saw 15,000 people in attendance ready to explore and interact with the 350 exhibitions presented. The xarvio team took this opportunity to reinforce their commitment to digitally support efficient crop production on each square meter by optimizing the timing of field management activities and input volumes for each field-zone. Not only were they able to present the full scope of weed scouting and disease recognitions capabilities of SCOUTING, but they also presented the global scope of FIELD MANAGER and rolled out the upgrades which specifically support the French farming community. “It’s been a pleasure to expand our disease and pest management catalogue to include winter wheat, barley and rapeseed which will prove especially beneficial to the France agricultural landscape,” explained Ben Wallace, Head of Commercial Operations xarvio. “Our Spray Timer and Zone Spray technology can now support more optimally than ever before.”

Our team would like to thank the more than 1000 people who stopped by to discuss their needs and took the time to let us show off our smart farming tech live. The 14th annual Les Culturales was a success and another great venue for us to share our story with the public.

About xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions

xarvio is at the forefront of the digital transformation of agriculture optimizing crop production. xarvio offers digital products, based on a global leading crop model platform, which deliver independent field-zone-specific agronomic advice enabling farmers to produce their crops most efficiently and sustainable. The xarvio products SCOUTING & FIELD MANAGER are being used by farmers in more than 100 countries worldwide.For more information, please visit www.xarvio.com and follow us on facebookor twitter.