Mobile Rice: xarvio™ Field Manager: rolls out Rice solution in Asia

Any farmer can tell you that growing rice successfully is a combination of making the right decisions on crop protection, nutrition and water management – all of which can vary significantly from year to year depending on the weather. Rice blast in particular destroys rice grain amounts each year that could have been used to feed 60 million people. Rice blast even caused a shocking 100% yield loss for the Anhui province in China in 2014. That is why xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER is introducing Rice as a new crop to the app in order to specifically address these challenges. Designed to help farmers make the best management decisions that take into account seasonal weather conditions and real-time forecasts, FIELD MANAGER now boasts an added mobile Rice solution to its arsenal. 

The integration of Rice with xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER aims to bring an already successful digital farming solution to rice farmers to holistically improve their daily growing practices and thus produce a higher yield. The application supports farmers by aggregating disease threats on rice fields and sending alert notifications to the farmer’s smartphone. The models behind the Rice solutions for FIELD MANAGER were culled from more than 150 trials that were conducted all over China and India including the Chinese provinces of Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and Guangzhou as well as the Indian states of Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Karnataka. The outcome of these in-field tests is an individually-tailored and field-specific risk assessment for the four most common diseases associated with rice crops as well as optimized amounts and timing for crop protection, fertilizer and water. Initial results showed that rice farmers were able to increase yields by timing their fungicide applications more accurately.


xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER’s development for rice farmers in Asia is already available in several regions for many farmers regardless of farm size. We are excited to expand our “simply smarter crop production” concept to to the most widely eaten staple food in Asia and will continue to grow in the region. This is just the beginning.