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October 2023

new drone service xarvio-Argentina

xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions launches drone-based digital weed mapping service in Argentina


  • Improved weed control with drone-generated images
  • Optimized herbicide use through precision application
  • More profitable and sustainable crop production


Argentina, October  2023 – As the end of the fallow period approaches, when weed control is a fundamental task, xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions launches a project exploring the potential of herbicide application using drone images processed by its advanced agronomic algorithm. The drone imagery mapping service is a new tool, which enables xarvio® FIELD MANAGER users to further increase diagnostic accuracy for decision-making. 


Enhancing diagnostic accuracy for better decisions

Weed maps produced from drone flights are processed by xarvio® algorithms and used to enable localized fallow herbicide applications. The user can optimize product use and resources in a simple and convenient manner, which supports sustainability.  


"In the field, we are seeing a steady increase in the use of new digital technologies that bring concrete results," says Pablo Provera, Sr. Manager of Digital Excellence and Head of xarvio Argentina at BASF Digital Farming. “By using xarvio FIELD MANAGER, farmers can optimize resources for weed control in fallow land by more than 60%, using maps based on drone imagery. This also delivers a significant reduction in the amount of water needed to dilute products in applications."  


In Argentina, development and testing of the drone imagery mapping service began in late 2021. Image processing algorithms were trained and validated through more than 30 flights, with over 2,000 hectares treated and images taken using 10 different drone models.



Service tailored to customer needs

xarvio® FIELD MANAGER offers users two services. The first service involves processing drone images provided by the user, supported by full technical assistance. Depending on the quantity of images supplied, processing usually takes between 12 and 48 hours, before a variable application map for herbicide is provided.

The second service is designed for those who do not own a drone. The drone flight is conducted by a certified drone pilot. During the flight, observations and field notes are taken, the images obtained are processed, and the prescription for variable or localized application is generated. Users of this service also receive full technical assistance from the xarvio team. For this service, xarvio has more than 120 authorized drone operators spread throughout Argentina's agricultural region.


Partnering with drone flight experts

Vistaguay, experts in drone flight and image processing, are xarvio's main partner in this project. They are responsible for training future drone operators and providing specialized support to users, to advise them and solve their problems. The support provided by Vistaguay includes drone operation and flight applications, flight protocol according to requirements, uploading images to the processing platform, prescription compatibility with sprayer monitors and interpretation of the information generated. 


"Our xarvio algorithms are enhanced to process images with drones and accessible cameras. With new drones costing a minimum of $2,000 plus a RGB camera needed, we offer a service that makes the generation of herbicide application maps more cost-effective for farmers.” concludes Mr. Provera.


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