xarvio™ at the Farm Forum Event 2018

We are truly pleased about the great response xarvio received at this year’s Farm Forum Event in Calgary, Canada. Not only did we show up strong at one of the main global industry events, but our team had a chance to shine by sharing their insight. From discussing the future of digitized farming to offering updates on our Field Manager Zone Spray to sharing a demo of our products with a lively crowd, the xarvio team presented themselves as leaders in the field of digital farming.

During one the “Advances in Agronomy - Digital Information, Bio-products and Disease”, Warren Bills, our Business Development Manager for Canada, offered his industry knowledge on the future of autonomous machines in the fields. In a conversation that included the future of field spraying, Warren gave his prediction to the audience stating, “Autonomous spraying will be active in Canada within the next five years.” In regard to what this means to the industry on a whole, he suggests, “Once an agriculture product or service is digitized, expect it to grow along an exponential scale.” However, the autonomy of farming will still remain a very human transition, “to succeed with the convergence of technologies, there needs to be a collaboration of people”, he noted. Bill’s talk brought some new “singularity” thinking to many of the top 500 farmers that average over 4000 acres each.

Meanwhile, our Digital Farming Specialist of Canada, Brent Nicol, packed the room twice at the Forum with his standout talk on AgTech. His speech gave a much-needed focus to the actual tools of xarvio and how they are changing the game for digital farming. “Digital tools provided by xarvio increase the confidence in decisions related to the timing and placement of crop protection products,” he explained with enthusiasm. To get more specific on how xarvio is improving crop management through its tools, Brent discussed our recent AgTech improvements. “The xarvio Field Manager Zone Spray product provides a targeted, accurate approach for fungicide application in Canola and has shown an increased usage year after year by farmers and agronomists to manage disease risk,” he said. He also let people at the event know the details of our scouting app, “Through the use of machine learning algorithms, xarvio has built an Artificial Intelligence scouting solution for the identification of weeds, disease, and leaf damage.”


The event would have been incomplete without a successful demo of our xarvio Digital Farming Solutions. Not only did we get a chance to showcase our products but the excitement over the demos was overwhelmingly positive. Our Digital Farming Specialist of Canada, Lesley Pohl, was thrilled with the positive response. “To be able to demonstrate our products on a smart phone while sharing a coffee is the simplest way to explain the value and hear feedback to continually improve,” she said. The result of the demo was a culmination of all of the thoughts that we brought back from the Farm Forum – the opportunity to show our strengths and being able to connect with our clients face-to-face. After the Forum, Lesley explained, “Having the opportunity to share with our past and future users of xarvio Field Manager allows them to associate a face to the product, which keeps the experience relevant and valuable for their farms.”

Overall, the Farm Forum event 2018 was a great event for xarvio, where we were able to further position ourselves as a Leader in Digital Farming and provide important insights on our products.