Mapping Brazil: Brazilian farmers see increased savings and weed control quality thanks to FIELD MANAGER

Working directly with farmers and agricultural groups is the only way towards providing the best customer experience. By developing new mappings and gaining insight from our experts in the fields we have had huge successes in Brazil. In a close collaboration with eleven Brazilian farmers in the region of Goiás, we were able to set up digital fields and create drone-based Zone Spray Maps for use in the FIELD MANAGER application. The result was not only better crop protection, time saved for the farmers and optimal use of resources but it is also contributing to more sustainable agriculture for the country.

These newly implemented drone-based Zone Spray Maps provide digital mappings of resistant and tolerant weeds by identifying green color based on a RGB (red, green, blue) spectrum of stereo images. This helps farmers reduce spraying costs and losses from weed competition. In the municipality of Paraúna in the Brazilian state of Goias, the digital farmer Michel Berté explains, “In previous years, three flat applications were needed to control weeds. Today, with the xarvio solution, we execute one flat application and one precision application only where there are weeds, which provides herbicide savings. This solution has allowed us to execute localized control of the resistant weeds capim-amargoso in a localized way after a burndown with glyphosate.”


“By using xarvio’s FIELD MANAGER application, the control of capim-amargoso was arounf 96%. This has helped me reduce chemical costs, making my farm more profitable.” – Fábio Pazzinato, Jataí in the state of Goiás

The participating farmers helped map a total of 13,790 ha, with over 6,000 ha set to be available for on/off use with FIELD MANAGER in 2018. The implementation of FIELD MANAGER on fields in Brazil has seen a steep reduction in herbicides being used. For example, herbicidal usage was reduced by 53.3% on average amongst the active farmers. Grupo Santa Fe in Santa Helena (Goiás) makes the point, “The weed problem is visible and has been increasing year by year. The xarvio solution helps us to control these resistant weeds and save on application costs.”

“The precision of the solution was very good and the application map delivery time was very fast and aligned with my field operation planning.” – Lúcio Carvalho, Rio Verde in the state of Goiás

 The overall progress of Zone Spray Mapping in Brazil is unprecedented. Not only are the results extremely positive but it sets the stage for the next thousands and tens of thousands of hectares to be processed in the near future in Brazil. Many thanks to all the farmers and the xarvio team members out in the field making an impact on Brazil’s agricultural landscape! 

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