xarvio kicks off the new year at LAMMA


As a first-time exhibitor at LAMMA, xarvio had the chance to showcase its’ digital products to approximately 40,000 visitors to UK’s leading farm machinery, equipment and services show. This was a great opportunity to introduce interested visitors to xarvio’s array of products, such as FIELD MANAGER and SCOUTING, while also presenting its partnered projects like the Smart Spraying Collaboration between Bosch, xarvio and Amazone and the deployment of, the US decision agriculture specialist, Arable’s weather devices.

While guests to LAMMA range from farmers, machine operators to students and researchers, it has been assessed that 48% of them are the main decision makers when it comes to spending on UK farms. This presented an excellent chance to exhibit our global-leading crop model platform and the adjacent systems and apps that make xarvio stand out in the field. Luke Pollard, xarvio Implementation Lead, who presented xarvio to guests at the event remarked, ‘xarvio is relatively new to the UK market. So, we wanted to raise awareness of the xarvio brand in the region by engaging people in interactive discussions. Over the course of two days, we had hundreds of quality conversations with various visitors and generated leads for users, collaborations and partnerships. LAMMA really was a worthwhile event.’

FIELD MANAGER stands out from the crowd

One thing that was clear was the visible response to xarvio’s FIELD MANAGER. Introducing the crop production optimisation system to the UK remained a highlight of LAMMA for the xarvio team. FIELD MANAGER’s field and user-specific insights on real-time crop status drew in numerous interested players. Luke clarifies, ‘LAMMA was a launch event for xarvio FIELD MANAGER in the UK, ahead of spring 2020.’ FIELD MANAGER offers up-to-the-minute growth stage predictions, disease and pest risks as well as variable rate application maps for cutting-edge crop protection management. This is enabled by the features ‘Spray Timer’, which delivers peerless timing for crop protection applications, as well as the ‘Zone Spray’, which provides field-zone specified dosage recommendations. Additionally, the feature ‘Field Monitor’, which enables all year long analysis of your field from seeding to harvest by uploading field data layers, helped round out the overall reception of FIELD MANAGER. The possibility to integrate weather station data into FIELD MANAGER was much appreciated by visitors and the interest in Arable’s unique data set was high. From this season on, FIELD MANAGER customers will be able to see Arable weather station data in their FIELD MANAGER account as well as profit from seamless integration of their station’s data into the Spray Timer risk prediction models. 

Luke explains how learning about the needs of the visitors to the xarvio stand and presenting solutions to them remains invaluable, ‘I think what makes xarvio so valuable to digital farmers is that our products are created from conversations like the ones at LAMMA, which aim to identify our clients and partner’s needs. Our growing collection of products and collaborations just means our solutions are becoming even more user-centric.’

With LAMMA 2020 such a success, xarvio is motivated to increase its usage in the UK over the year and continue to deliver ‘Simply Smarter Crop Production’ to digital farming in the region and globally as well. The xarvio team appreciates the interest in our products and the exciting conversations we shared with all of the people who stopped by and gave us the chance to wow them.