xarvio Digital Farming Solutions presents its innovative products to Latin America at Agrishow 2019

With the largest agricultural technology fair in Brazil, and one of the biggest globally with around 159,000 guests each year, the 26th annual Agrishow was the perfect spot for xarvio to present its innovative products to farmers, important stakeholders, journalists and the public at large. The April 29th to May 3rd event in Riberão Preto, Brazil is a space for highly-qualified farming professionals from around the world to discuss technical innovations and field handling techniques. By taking the time at this prestigious location to display its' portfolio to the public and selected press, xarvio was able to spread the positive news via numerous agribusiness and technology publications and other media outlets including some of Brazil’s more prominent agribusiness advocates via social media channels.

xarvio and BASF hosted a press conference at Agrishow that included a briefing on xarvio as well as a Q&A from the audience. “We were thrilled to discuss the cutting-edge tech that the xarvio platform delivers to farmers globally. With tools like SCOUTING and FIELD MANAGER on display, we really had a chance to show Latin America how we can support farmers and the industry overall”, said xarvio Global Commercialization Manager Martin Bender. “And the response from the Brazilian media was unprecedented. Thanks to those who were as excited to share our vision for Agriculture 4.0. With our solutions we can optimize crop production field zone specific. In Brazil for example we provide herbicide application maps based on drone imagery that allows farmers to apply herbicides only where it is necessary. In 2018/2019 season we were able to save on average 53% of herbicides.”

With Latin American media such as Notícias Agricolas, StartSe, STARTUPi, Galileu and many more, we were able to impact over 106,946,000 people via online and TV channels! The contacts and impressions made in Brazil and Latin America will be the foundation to continued support of farmers in the region as we remain at the vanguard for digital farming globally. 

About xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions

xarvio is at the forefront of the digital transformation of agriculture optimizing crop production. xarvio offers digital products, based on a global leading crop model platform, which deliver independent field-zone-specific agronomic advice enabling farmers to produce their crops most efficiently and sustainable. The xarvio products SCOUTING & FIELD MANAGER are being used by farmers in more than 100 countries worldwide.For more information, please visit www.xarvio.com and follow us on facebook or twitter.