Zone Spray

Field zone-specific variable application maps. The right dose at the right place.

Full integration of buffer zones for your individual fields. Manage and review dosage on-the-go with the wireless data transmission to and from your terminals.

The Zone Spray benefits at a glance

  • Automatic generation of variable rate application maps for your fields
  • Apply correct amount of inputs at the right location to ensure the best harvest
  • Developed and equipment-tested for compatibility with most terminals
    ( Terminal-Test-Center )
  • Load maps to a USB flash drive for simple transfer to your terminal
  • NEW - Automatic Buffer Zones can be directly integrated in your application maps and depend on your field characteristics (seam structures, water bodies) and your applied products your sprayer will leave out those areas automatically.
  • NEW - Machine Data Link allows for wireless transmission of data to and from your terminal to easily manage your crops on a field-zone level for a clear and visual record of your daily activities 

What farmers are saying

“We’ve been involved with variable rate applications of seed and nitrogen and P and K for quite a long time and this seems to be the next step for applying fungicides and growth regulators variably."


James Faulkner, farmer from UK

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